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Dead Space one is the scariest survival horror game I have ever played
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Dead Space one is the scariest survival horror games I have ever played. The game starts with your character, a regular engineer, being called to repair the communications array of a mining ship in a far-away system. He has also received a weird message from someone within that ship. It all looks like a routine mission. But when he gets there, things start becoming crazy. I am not spoiling the rest of the game. Dead Space makes use of a brilliant soundtrack to make the user feel like he is inside the ship. The graphics are also wonderful. You can watch outside of a window and see an asteroid belt. And it looks like a pre-rendered scene, but it's not. The controls are also great. The game developers were really innovative when designing the game HUD. Instead of showing a bar that tells you how much life and ammo you have left, they designed a suit that tells the user everything. The suit has light meters that tell the user exactly how many hits he can survive or how long can he go without picking up some health. The story of the game is thrilling and terribly scary. Not for the faint of heart.

José Fernández
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  • Great visuals
  • Absolutely awesome sound track
  • Controls and fights are cool


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